We’re hiring!

Since 2006, we’ve worked with clients big and small to craft designs that are bright, clear, and delightful to interact with.

We focus primarily on WordPress design and development.

We are looking to expand our team of smart, creative freelancers available for website projects on an as-needed basis.


WordPress Designer/Developer

 We are seeking a WordPress designer/developer with experience creating and building original (non-template) website designs.

These days, we primarily build our client WordPress projects using the Divi theme. It’s a flexible platform and gives our clients a lot of freedom to make updates independently. An ideal candidate has plenty of experience designing for and working with Divi or a similar framework.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Design mockups for WordPress websites in Sketch, Illustrator, or equivalent
  • Revise mockups based on creative direction and client feedback
  • Setup WordPress installations on client servers
  • Build out website using Divi framework to match the approved design mockups
  • Add final client content (copy, media, images) to website
  • Tweak design and Divi settings to make sure designs look clean and attractive on all platforms.

Who we’re looking for:

We love working with people who collaboratively solve problems and enjoy the creative challenges of building websites that are both beautiful to look at and easy to use.

We value teammates that are reliable, responsive, communicative, open to direction and feedback, and detail-oriented.


  • Must have a working knowledge of the ins and outs of WordPress, CSS, and HTML.
  • Divi experience is helpful.
  • Bonus points if you have experience building for Squarespace and Shopify.
  • Must have own company (LLC, S-Corp, etc) to receive payment. This role is freelance only and we can only work with designers who have their own business entity.

Sound like you? We’d love to hear from you!

How to apply – Please email the following information to Attach answers as PDF.

  1. Subject Line: “Web Designer for Hire”
  2. A short paragraph about you and a list of your technical skills.
  3. A portfolio with at least 5 original (non-template) WordPress websites you’ve designed/built. Must include links to at least 3 active websites.
  4. A case study about one of the portfolio pieces — explain your creative process, how you met the client’s goals, and how you solved any problems along the way (there are always a few). Length: 1 page max
  5. Your hourly and/or project rates.

Note: Any applications that don’t include the above 5 points will be discarded.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you!